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We are proudly standing in nature's corner in the fight for a cleaner, greener planet.

Throughout our design, construction and operations, we adopted low-impact eco-conscious solutions to reduce our footprint on this wonderful planet.
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Our stunning house reef provides guests with endless opportunities to explore the underwater world. We are extremely lucky to enjoy and protect this precious ecosystem. Since 2017 we have established coral restoration efforts on our house reef with the help of Coral Guardian. Coral tables were positioned on damaged parts of the reef to allow broken coral to be replanted and given a second chance to grow and thrive. The tables have been extremely successful both on our house reef and the neighbouring island Hatamin. 
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Our tropical garden grows fruits and vegetables used to feed our guests and with the new water source, we are excited to introduce more and more permaculture to our piece of paradise. Composting is also a means to manage waste and improve our soil. Other fresh food supplies are purchased from the local markets in Labuan Bajo, while seafood is often brought directly up the beach from by passing fishermen.

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We have implemented a greener water source by installing a 30-metre bore and water treatment plant.


Our aim is to process this natural resource to become self sufficient and achieve water security on island. Grey water is also collected using a bio-septic tank in order to reuse and recycle the water for our landscaping and maintenance.

We are the proud recipients of the Gold Lingko Award - The Sustainable Hotel Oprations Award. The SUSTOUR project is part of the Sustainable Tourism Development Program in Indonesia (STDI). The SUSTOUR project aims to increase employment and income opportunities for the local residents through the development of sustainable and inclusive tourism in the two destinations of Labuan Bajo (Flores) and Wakatobi. 

Our efforts across sustainability as well as social practices earned us the highest accolade for the year 2022. 
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Our Manta-shaped restaurant and beachfront bungalows are built almost entirely from bamboo. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable building material with forests of bamboo growing to maturity in very few years.
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Daily beach cleans are conducted by our staff in an effort to clean up our ocean.


Guests are welcome to join the efforts and help promote the importance of conserving our environment. 

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We maintain a strong relationship with the local fishing village and invite our guests to visit or to enjoy a game of soccer with the kids. 

We also arrange special days to interact with the school kids and create educational afternoons to promote eco-minded practices such as waste management. 

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