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Whether you are looking for a relaxing detachment from reality or a jam packed adventure holiday, The Seraya has got you covered... 

Seraya Kecil is located just under 9km due north of Labuan Bajo, setting sail from Kampung Ujung. Close enough to offer convenience, far enough away to transport our guests into serenity.

The Seraya sits on 4 hectares of land with more than 200m of white-sand beachfront. 

Our 145m long jetty provides an awesome hangout with over reef hammocks while keeping our stunning house reef safe from marine traffic.

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The house reef that runs the length of the property is healthy and vibrant, with a variety of corals, fish and other species. 

The drop-off offers a chance to see larger species, sometimes turtles, rays, reef sharks and a very lucky number of guests have spotted dugongs.

The shallow reef is home to countless critters living in the colourful corals and anenomies.  The mangroves act as a nursery to a number of species including black tip reef sharks.


Guests are welcome to take the kayaks on expeditions to neighbouring islands - Seraya Besar, Hatamin and Anita or circumnavigate Seraya Kecil.

The neighbouring islands take approximately 20-40minutes while paddling around the island will take about 1 hour and a half. 

Hatamin and Anita are uninhabited islands with stunning snorkelling and diving opportunities. 

Komodo National Park is within an hour from The Seraya and offers incredible opportunities to explore nature both above and below the waves. Guests' are offered a variety of trips aboard our expedition cruiser, Dalliance or our zippy speedboat, Wahoo. 

Walk among the prehistoric KomodoDragons, picnic on the stunning Pink Sand beaches, swim with the majestic manta rays and sail home to The Seraya with a pod of dolphins. 

Spend a day exploring neighbouring islets Hatamin and Anita, picnic on a secluded beach or go further to see the beautiful Rangko Cave.

Island hopping trips available offering a perfect day out for all ages. 

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There is a local fishing village located on the south-eastern tip of the island. Guests enjoy seeing the culture of the village and visiting the local school. It is accessible via kayak or a short walk over the hill behind our hillside bungalows. 

Spend a day at The Seraya exploring the vibrant house reef, kayaking to deserted islands, pristine sandbars, coral restoration project and much more! 

The ultimate escape from Bajo! 
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