Where is The Seraya located?

The Seraya is located on Seraya Kecil Island, which is approximately 9km north of Labuan Bajo, Flores. 

What is the closest airport? 

Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo. Once you have left the airport it is a 5 minute drive to the jetty where our transfer boat departs.

How do I get to Labuan Bajo? 

There are direct flights from Bali, Lombok, Surabaya and Jakarta from the west and Kupang for those traveling from further east. Check with Lion Air, NAM Air, Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia or Batik Air for flight schedules. We encourage guests to consider our free transfer schedule when booking flights so as not to avoid excess charges. 

Do you organise flights? 

We do not organise flights for our guests. We are always happy to answer any questions however we do not offer packages including flights.

What is the transfer schedule? 

Our complimentary transfer shuttle for check ins depart Labuan Bajo at 1100 and 1530, and the complimentary shuttle for check outs depart Seraya at 0900 and 1300. This is our wooden transfer boat. 

Do the transfers cost extra? 

Transfers requested outside of the schedule incur an extra fee per boat per trip:

  • Wooden Boat (50 minutes)

    • Up to 6 people - IDR 700,000++

    • Up to 10 people - IDR 1,250,000++

  • Speedboat (15 minutes)

    • Up to 6 people - IDR 1,100,000++

How do I get to the hotel? 

Guests flying in may opt for an airport pickup, this is free for direct bookings. Indirect bookings (booking.com, airbnb etc.) incur a fee of IDR 100,000++ each way should you elect to do so. Depending on the time, our staff will either escort you straight to the transfer boat or to our partner cafe Bamboo Cafe. Once the boat is ready we will then escort you to the jetty and you will be on your way. 

What if I’m already in Labuan Bajo? 

Guests who have already been staying in Labuan Bajo are requested to meet us at Bamboo Cafe at 10/10.30am and we will escort you to the harbour for the morning transfer.  We do not offer hotel pick up.

Can I speak to anyone in person in Labuan Bajo? 

If you have any queries before your stay with us at The Seraya, please ask a staff member at Bamboo Cafe to contact us directly. We will arrange for someone to come and meet you.

Is there a minimum night stay? 

Yes, we have a minimum two-night-stay policy for direct bookings and a three-night-stay through our partner booking platforms. One night is not enough to enjoy the beautiful island, however exceptions may be made by our hotel management upon request. Please note that a one-night stays will incur a 25% surcharge. 

Are you open all year round?

No we are not, we close for the month of February due to inclement weather and rough seas between Seraya Kecil and Labuan Bajo. 

What is the usual climate?

The climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a muggy monsoon season from December to March, and a dry season from May to September. The tropical rains fall in the form of showers or thunderstorms, maybe intense, but usually short-lived, therefore after a short time they give way to the sun, even in the rainy season.

Temperatures are high and quite uniform throughout the year. The least hot period is from June to August. From September to November, and sometimes from mid-August, the hottest period of the year occurs, when the temperature can reach 35/37 °C (95/99 °F). In the rainy season, on the other hand, high relative humidity makes the heat muggy. 

Do you organise trips into Komodo National Park? 

Yes, we have a speedboat and dive operation which can take you in to Komodo National Park. Please contact us for further information. 

Do you offer diving expeditions? 

We have a brand new 5-star PADI dive centre, Seraya Divers, which offers guests a number of diving expeditions as well as courses. Please contact serayadivers@gmail.com for further information. 

Are children allowed?

Yes we have hosted families with kids of all ages. Parents with children are expected to monitor their safety and well being around the resort and on any boat excursions. We do not offer babysitter/nanny service and do not have a kids club. We can organise special kids meals and meal times for families wanting to stick to a familiar meal schedule. 

How many people can fit in the bungalow and how much do extra beds cost? 

Extra beds are available for all room types, however maximum room capacities are restricted to three (3) adults or two (2) adults and two (2) children. Children are considered 12 years and younger. 13years and older are considered adults. 


Prices are as follows: 

  • No mattress or cot for ages 0-2: Free of charge

  • No mattress ages 3-12: IDR 420,000++

  • Cot for ages 0-3: IDR 420,000++

  • Mattress for children (below 12): IDR 560,000++

  • Mattress for adults (over 12): IDR 700,000++

Extra bed charges cover all inclusions as per the regular room rate. The Seraya reserves the right to refuse entry to any additional guest exceeding the maximum occupancy. 

Could you please explain the meal plan and the type of menu offered?

We offer a rolling banquet style menu. Every stay is full board (all meals included). 

  • Breakfast is western style with three choices served between 0700-1000

  • Lunch is predominantly Indonesian style served between 1200-1430

  • Dinner is a three course meal with a fusion of western and Indonesian between 1900-2130 

Dining is mostly private unless guests wish to join tables. Every three days, however, we host our famous Fish BBQ where guests all sit family style and enjoy sharing stories and in many instances make very good friends. 

What if I have certain dietary requirements? 

We can can work around all dietary requirements based on preferences such as vegan or vegetarianism, or any allergies and intolerances including coeliacs. Please advise us upon check in. 

Are beverages included? 

Water, tea and coffee is included in your stay however all other beverages are not. Guests will be set up with a bill that can be settled at the end of your stay.

What is included? 

Transfers upon check in and check out, breakfast, lunch & dinner, tea, coffee and drinking water as well as all snorkelling gear and kayaking equipment. 

Please advise on the method of payment?

We require a 50% deposit when booking this is most commonly done using TransferWise, we find it to be reliable and have minimal fees when transferring international. All other food and beverage payments that are made upon check out may be completed using cash (IDR ronly), credit card (incurs 3% surcharge), or bank transfers (surcharges vary between banking institutions).

What is the booking policy? 

In order to confirm your booking and reserve your bungalow a 50% deposit is required. This is non refundable and non-transferable.

Do we need to bring cash? 

Yes, please be advised that trips in to Komodo National Park do not include park fees. These are payable by cash only during the trip. Prices vary throughout the year but when planning Rp. 500,000 per person will more than cover it.  If you wish to pay for any extras using cash you will avoid any surcharges associated with credit card and transfers.

What is the best currency to bring and do you accept any other currencies?

Indonesian Rupiah is the only currency we accept. Please speak to management for any special considerations.

Do you have WIFI? 

We DO NOT have wifi services on the island. We encourage guests to ‘switch off’ and enjoy the natural surroundings. Digital detox! 

Do you have TV in rooms?

We do not have any TVs in the hotel. We are focused on blending the natural and luxurious, however we feel that our incredible location offers enough entertainment for our guests. 

Do you provide laundry services? 

We can send guest clothes to our laundry located in Labuan Bajo. There is a 36 hour turn around and price depends on types and quantity of clothing. 

Is there mobile phone coverage?

Mobile phone coverage can be quite fickle on the island. Some days it is uninterrupted all over the resort and some days you will have to wander up the hill behind our accommodation to find connection. 

Do you provide snorkelling and water activities equipment? 

Yes! We offer all guests are provided with snorkelling gear, SUP boards and kayaks to explore our exquisite house reef and neighbouring islands. Please be advised that we do not provide kids’ masks and fins so please BYO. Guests are required to sign a safety waiver upon check in. 

Is snorkelling safe? 

Yes. As with any tropical reef, the number one rule is to avoid touching anything or standing anywhere even if it appears to be a sandy patch. There are no aggressive threats and following these rules will avoid any small injuries associated with stings, cuts or bites. 

Do you have mosquito nets in the room?

All bungalows are air-conditioned and equipped with mosquito nets, mosquito repellent and insect spray. 


Is there malaria or dengue fever on the island?

Various health departments list East Indonesia as a malaria and dengue fever hotspot. For the majority of the year, Seraya Kecil receives little to no rainfall meaning there are almost no mosquitos between end of March and start of December. During wet season we do commonly experience more mosquitos but have yet had an incident of either disease. We recommend you speak to your doctor prior to travels. 

What medical facilities are available on the island? 

The hotel is equipped with standardised first aid kit. We recommend any guests with previously known medical conditions to bring with them any necessary medication. Evacuation procedure from the island is in place to take any guests back to Labuan Bajo in an emergency situation.


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