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If you want to get away from civilization, spend time on a beach that looks like a private beach, live in a simple bamboo bungalow, meet people and get welcomed personally by the owners, then you will be happier at The Seraya. You should spend at least 2 nights there to make it worthwhile and really enjoy the slow-paced vide. I personally think the Seraya hotel is now my favoruite hotel in Komodo!

July, 2019

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"The Seraya is hard to miss even from a distance. Opened in 2017, the resort is very much in tune with today’s sustainable goals and their eatery is a testament to that dedication. The Bamboo Manta hotel restaurant is exactly that – with a roof like a manta ray soaring into the sky and the whole place made almost entirely from local bamboo.... The low-impact and eco-minded hotel does not sacrifice comfort or amenities. Every room is a breezy space decorated to keep you connected to nature but in full air-conditioned comfort..."

June, 2019


 “We wanted to create the ultimate travel platform. One that truly connects people and unlocks the best travel experiences whether you’re a first-timer, seasoned traveller, solo adventurer or a family travelling together.”

- Simon te Hennepe

The crew from TRAVLR explored Komodo National Park on board our liveaboard, Dalliance. Here is the teaser for their upcoming travel series across Indonesia. Stay tuned for more footage.

August, 2018

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Bali Bloggers We Like Bali published 'The Islandlife Guide for the Creative Traveller'


"Tropical island life Set foot on one of the most idyllic islands, a magical seaworld of fishes, turtles, coralsand watch the most divine sunrises and sunsets. The Seraya has beautiful seaside bungalows, an amazing bamboo restaurant with incredible food (daily meals home cooked!) and fun day activities"

Page 76, Issue 003: August, 2018

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Russian Blogger Oleg Breslavtsev and his girlfriend published a blog post featuring unbelievable photos of The Seraya and our neighbouring islands.

Many of these photos feature across our website. 

"The perfect morning, with the perfect view... For the first time in my life, I came to an uninhabited tropical island. We spent several hours there and we were alone all the time!


Its an island, a fairy tale, paradise but.. sharks sharks! A whole shoal of little sharks swam in the sun near the shore! I have never seen such a thing in my life. And how can you not jump from happiness and not be as happy as a child? It all seemed something incredible. Why the Maldives, when here. 


Very soulful, calm and comfortable"

August, 2018

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On the TV Series This Weekend airing on Channel News Asia, Roz Pho heads to exotic Flores or a weekend getaway. Staying at The Seraya, she snorkels in pristine waters while restoring the coral reefs, sails on a luxury yacht, and gets a close encounter with the legendary Komodo dragon.

Sunset kayaking "I could see corals, I could see fish and all the colours in the sky and not too hot. I really enjoyed that me time, disconnected from the world, just me the kayak and the water" - Roz Pho

May, 2018

German travel blog focusing on Indonesia:

"Just a stone's throw from Labuan Bajo there is a real gem: The resort "The Seraya" on the island of Seraya Kecil is located on a dream beach, has a swing in the water and a pool overlooking a beautiful coral reef with baby sharks.


The open restaurant is built entirely of bamboo and architecturally very impressive. Its roof has the shape of a manta ray - because for Mantas the area is famous. The huts offer a view of the sunrise, for smaller budgets, there are well-equipped six-dorms. The 150 meter long jetty is equipped with hammocks for relaxing and fish-watching.


Opened in April 2017, the Seraya offers the right environment for a few relaxing days by the sea and off the noisy Labuan Bajo. As high as the resort is equipped, so relaxed and relaxed is the mood. Will and Emytha, the two managers, take care of the boat transfer to the island and back, organize trips and diving tours and help with any questions. The included dinner is served together at a large table for all guests, breakfast and lunch are served at a table of your choice.


If you want to exhaust yourself, you can try one of the stand-up paddle boards or go kayaking to the small and beautiful neighboring island of Pulau Hatamin. There is absolute solitude, at low tide a beautiful, long sandbar into the sea and the opportunity to snorkel on artificially created coral reefs. Because Coral Guardian, a French NGO, has created a large area there with special underwater tables on which broken coral are saved. Immediately in front of the "The Seraya" another surface is created in the water - Will and Coral Guardian work closely together here."

October 2017

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