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Local Island Hopping at The Seraya

Spend a day exploring our stunning neighbours: Hatamin, Anita, Sabolon and Seraya Besar.

Half day trips explore our closest neighbours: Hatamin Island and Anita Island.

Explore the vibrant reef and white sandbars, picnic on the beach and cool off in crystal clear waters. Discover the home of Coral Guardian on Hatamin island, you will see a growth ranging from years to months to days of replanted coral on metal tables. Black tip reef sharks use the safety of these shallow reefs to birth their young and we can show you a very special secret spot to watch the pups hunt and explore.

Anita Island is another small uninhabited island with pristine white sand and a spot where guests have been lucky enough to spot adolescent to adult reef sharks, spotted eagle rays and plenty of other larger species.

Full day trips include four stops - Hatamin, Anita, Sabolon and Seraya Besar.

After hopping from Hatamin and Anita, you head out to Sabolon. Sabolon island is a little further out, about a 20-minute ride. It offers another stunning reef to explore - vibrant from as shallow as one metre up to five metres.

Seraya Besar is the large island that protects us from the north and helps funnel all the nutrient rich water from south to north providing our strait with the vibrant marine life we love! On the south side of the island there is a coconut grove which gives you the complete castaway experience to round out your island hopping tour.

Our island hopping adventures are available onboard all three of our vessels. See our full list of The Seraya trips and excursions below!

For more information and reservations, please email us at

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