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Seraya Kecil Village Primary School Visit

Seraya Kecil Island is home to a small fishing village on the South East point of the island. There are approximately 50 families who live there and rely mostly on their fishing practices as a source of income. The Seraya has maintained a strong relationship with the village, in friendship and in business. In many instances the incredible seafood feasts we enjoy with our guests have been sourced locally through these hardy fishermen.

The village is extremely self sufficient and is equipped with a sports field, primary school, mosque and small shops which stock a small selection of dry goods. They host sporting events against their closest rivals on Seraya Besar Island and are extremely welcoming to visitors from all over the world.

On the 13th of October our staff members, Okta (room division manager), Patris (recreation manager) and Suaib (Wahoo speedboat Captain) accompanied our wonderful guests Mrs Olga Luchanskaya and her family on a visit to Seraya Kecil village primary school. They spent a couple hours with the children and their teacher Nursai Ban, playing games, distributing new school supplies and even a short English speaking class.

We wish to thank our neighbours and friends at SDN Pulau Seraya Kecil for welcoming us and our guests.

Terima kasih 🌸

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